Our client relationships go beyond technology

We created a second project for over 80% of our clients. A product is ephemeral, a relationship is for life


Our invaluable partnership with this YC company with over 20,000 premium users resulted in an online video education platform with a fast, seamless and smooth user experience that inspires and works fast on every browser.

Pave Motors

We helped Pave Motors create a unique online experience using React.js to reveal their new product to the public.


We helped the VC-funded Stanford StartX-accelerated startup remaster their website’s builder design and functionality into a smooth and premium looking online tool.


We developed and migrated all the data from their old website to their new blog on a different platform, where they continue to publish articles about co-living and urban revival.


Gmass came to us for a redesign of their main website and chrome extensions. The focus of our work was to better showcase the complete features of their product- a marketing tool for sending mass email campaigns inside Gmail.

Luxury Presence

We helped Vext’s team built a plagiarism detection application that’s already being used by universities across the country.

Warner Brothers

Our long-standing partnership has resulted in a complete UX redesign of their website that helped them get the badge of #2 TOP Product of the Day on Product Hunt.


For CryptoTrip we built a platform that allows people to find places where they can pay with cryptocurrency.


With Shopmonkey’s internal team we’re working on implementing new features to their application and making it more scalable & user-friendly.


Together, we conceived, designed and developed a new event management app that is shifting the event industry.


Together with Rolebot’s internal team, we created a recruiting tool that uses machine learning to find the perfect candidates for a job. Rolebot is currently being used by companies like Verizon, Hilton, Fandango, etc.

Luxury Presence

Our partnership with Material Bank is focused on creating premium UI and UX for their new platform.

Luxury Presence

We helped them build their application, designed for high-school students searching for advice on college admissions.

Luxury Presence

With Verix’s internal team we’ve collaborated on the development and design of their web application.

Luxury Presence

An ambitious project to help create a web chat application that connects thousands of coaches with their sports teams. Just like Slack, but for sports teams.

We don’t just build products,

we build relationships

Kong Pham

CEO, Jumpcut

“Conversion rates on the new website have increased by over 27%, and overall sales improved. The team was exceptionally responsive and exceeded expectations. What sets Compire apart is that they always think in terms of how their work will impact my overall business and how can my company benefit the most out of it. Because of that, they continue to be invaluable partners. ”

Nicholas Tsianos

Director of Engineering,
Luxury Presence

“Compire sought to understand our product and requirements and never forced a certain implementation on us. For our React project, they sought to extend the team as discussed and participated in team functions such as code review. For the template project, they owned it completely independently. They proved themselves to be adaptable to the challenge. ”

Ajay Goel

Founder, GMass

“Compire is very process oriented. They conduct discovery calls, do research, produce wireframes, get approval at every step, and iterate with me until the design works for my needs. Compire excelled at delivering designs that fulfilled requirements without needing multiple iterations”

Amir Ghorbani

CEO, Transportation Company

“We doubled the size of our business without increasing human capital. We are saving about 40% of our monthly burn. Project management was impressive and well maintained throughout the engagement. The product manager and leadership team had strong communication skills.Their expertise and implementations stood out. Whether it was backend architecture or database schemas, they always had a solution.”

Kel Livson

VP of Content, Jumpcut

“The quality of their implementation surprised us; it was much better than the work I'd seen done by other vendors in my experience. Getting it right on the first try saved us a lot of time. They were just as responsive as our own team. We had no issues reaching them through Slack at any time. ”

Michael Kenney

Co-Founder, Jamrynn

“The in-house team is impressed with the look and feel of the app. Compire went above and beyond to fully understand the vision and deliver a high-quality product that meets all needs. Guiding the entire process, they provided valuable recommendations and stayed within the budget. ”

Samantha Radocchia

Co-Founder, Chronicled

“Excellent communication and skills allowed Compire to produce a website that outstripped initial expectations. Their detailed design work and flexibility set them apart in the industry. ”

Chris Drew

Founder, Vext

“Compire delivered not just on the project (which we are pleased with), but also advice and guidance based on his experience. We will work with Cristian again based on the quality of this project. ”

Amaury Soviche

CTO, Mati

“Amazing engineers! After working with many engineers, I can say with confidence that Compire team is one of the best. They are someone that have a very good product mind, will very quickly understand the goal of the project, then will comply with your deadline, while keeping the quality of the code extremely high.. ”

Ashley Reh

Operation Director,
Coastal Impressions

“Compire was able to translate our vision into a cost-effective web solution in a very short time. They even became a valued members of our team and we relied heavily on their opinion and solutions to our problems. ”

Shane Bernstein

CEO, Rolebot

“Compire is a consummate professional team, really enjoy working with them and hope to continue our partnership moving forward. They are great communicators, always willing to explain their thought process in detail and walk you through their approach step by step, very high-touch and extremely reliable. Great team players and they have an “in it to win it” attitude, which is hard to find. ”

Vitali Cipileaga


“Compire helped us build our website and that ended up being one of the best business decisions I ever made. My revenue increased over 50% over the next nine months, and I moved a big part of our business online. We have over 120,000 unique visitors each month and continuing to grow. I will be happy to work with them again and warmly recommend them to others. Thank you Compire! ”

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