Jamrynn - Just like Slack,
but for sport teams

How we created a web chat application that connects thousands of coaches with their sports teams.

Project scope

Michael Kenney, Jamrynn’s founder, reached to us with an awesome idea in mind. He envisioned a unique chat environment for sports teams, where they could communicate among themselves, set specific goals, create workouts and keep in touch. Ultimately, the web app would link coaches to teams, allowing them to chat and recruit new members.

He had the idea, and we had the technologies to make it happen. Here’s how we came up with an effective solution to his complex concept.

Project details
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Jamrynn
  • Our Work: Development, Research, Design
The Creative Challenge

We developed a specific web application that allows team members to chat between themselves and with their coaches, using React and the Amazon Web Services technology.

The application has a message board, a place where the coach can connect to team players, attach media files to their message and supervise the team’s evolvement.

This allows entire teams to set goals and develop strategies in order to meet them.

We designed different chat environments, specific for each team’s interests and every team member has their own profile that can be edited and updated.

As a result, we developed a web chat application that connected thousands of coaches to their sports teams - “A unique chatting environment, just like Slack, but for sports teams.“


The in-house team is impressed with the look and feel of the app. Purple Mint went above and beyond to fully understand the vision and deliver a high-quality product that meets all needs. Guiding the entire process, they provided valuable recommendations and were able to take a concept and turn it into an actual design. They understood everything we wanted, which was important to us.

-Michael Kenney, Co-Founder, Jamrynn

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