Jumpcut: changing the education one students at a time

How we helped Jumpcut turn their passion into an educational platform for over 20,000 premium users.

Project scope

Jumpcut is a premium video education platform that creates captivating online courses about entrepreneurship for over 20,000 enrolled students.

What makes them stand out is their exclusive approach to video courses, choosing to incorporate storytelling, cinematography, and soundtracks to their digital lectures.

With such a high responsibility for delivering premium content to thousands of unique users, Jumpcut web’s interface had to stay at the top of the game.

Project details
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Jumpcut
  • Our Work:Research, Development, Optimization
The Creative Challenge

Jumpcut wanted more than just a simple website, they needed a premium digital experience.

“I want our students to feel like they’re a part of something big right from the first click or scroll”, Kong Pham, Jumpcut’s CEO told us.

The website had to feel just like their video courses do: dynamic, creative and engaging.

With a clear goal in mind, we’ve started to create the perfect user interface with React.js and lots of inspiration.

We came. We saw. We coded.

Our innovative approach to coding helped us deliver a complex React.js interface. *Add more text here

- We’ve come up with an efficient way to list all the courses, each accompanied by a brief description and a visual element. Each course has its own progress bar that shows the user how much they’ve watched from each course.

- Being a single-page application, the navigation feels smooth and effortless. To make it even easier to navigate through the content, we added a “Resume last video” button so that users can go directly to their last watched video and pick up the course right from where they left it.

- The video is the key element of the page, but the user also has the possibility to scroll through the video courses and expand the navigation bar with a list of all videos. Every video has an individual progress bar, showing if it was 100% watched.

- We’ve made it easier to connect with the Jumpcut community by adding a comment section right under the video, making it possible to attach media files to your comment. The like and dislike icons help users choose their favorite and least favorite comments and “vote” for them.

- Users can chat with each other using a built-in messaging system. To make it even easier to be up to date with all the comments, new content, and messages, every user has a notification tab.

- The account page gives the user the possibility to edit their personal details and manage their membership. We’ve made it easy to access by putting all the necessary information on (just) one page.

The Results

We built a web application with a fast, seamless and smooth user experience that inspires and works fast on every browser.Jumpcut is able to serve premium content to over 20,000 active users and stream thousand of hours.

The team was exceptionally responsive and exceeded expectations. What sets Californly apart is that they always think in terms of how their work will impact my overall business and how can my company benefit the most out of it. Because of that, they continue to be invaluable partners.

- Kong Pham, CEO of Jumpcut

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