Mati - the new standard in digital identity

How we helped Mati be the fastest way to verify the true identity of online users and become the Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Project scope

Mati, an online ID verification tool that uses Facial Recognition, Global Watchlist and Document Authenticity check to verify and confirm a user’s identity and prevent identity theft, is driven by its mission- “provide trusted user identities all around the world and help standardize trust online.”

At some point, however, Mati realized their website wasn’t interactive enough. It desperately needed a UX redesign and a new color palette.

The Creative Challenge

The main problem with Mati’s product wasn’t the design of the color palette, but a very static and rigid transition between screens. Although the product, technically, had colors, it lacked the color of movement.

Project details
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Mati
  • Our Work: Research, Development, Optimization
The Solution

We decided to review the problem and address it at its core, adopting a Design Driver Development for solving these issues.

1. We suggested, besides darkening the color palette, adding a little bit of contrast and updating the design to a more minimalistic style, to add complex yet subtle transition animations.

2. Given that Mati’s base product uses face recognition, we added an animation that would accompany the head’s movement, giving the user a more interactive and playful verification process.

3. Because Mati’s core service was designed after an old model, we suggested reviewing and updating the whole product, to give it a feeling of consistency and oneness.

As the application was created in React, this was a tricky and complex task, because it implied animating creation and destruction of containers, which, if done incorrectly, could result in a sluggish and unpleasant feeling for the user.

After intense weeks of coding, the end result was so smooth and pleasant to the eye that it was totally worth it.

The Result

With smooth and minimalistic transition between each screen, button touch and animated face tracking, the UX was considerably improved and Mati got praised for its beautiful, yet simple product.

Mati got the badge of #2 TOP Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Mati received positive feedback from their existing core clients, and gained new ones, thanks to their improved UX.

Amazing engineers! After working with many engineers, I can say with confidence that Californly teamis one of the best. They are someone that have a very good product mind, will very quickly understand the goal of the project, then will comply with your deadline, while keeping the quality of the code extremely high

-Amaury Soviche, CTO, Mati

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