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We offer you pre-screened senior React engineers, ready to jump into the fray in a week's time. Let us connect you with senior engineers that have been vetted by our team.

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We are constantly improving and extending our team, to get you the best engineer in the shortest time possible


Mid-level and
senior engineers

Our team is composed exclusively of experienced and battle-tested candidates

Trial Period

One week
trial period

We know engineers and complicated people. So we offer you the chance to test your working relationship before commiting


European Fluent
English only

You'll have the guarantee of a fluent English developer for a flawless communication. Our team is located in Western and Eastern Europe

Our hiring process is very simple

Let us do the searching, skill-matching, foolproofing and contacting the developers for you

1. Contact Us

Drop us a line and tell us more about your needs. We will get back to you in less than 48 hours and schedule a call.

2. Onboarding Call

We will set up a call to refine the details and make sure we understand exactly what you need.

3. Review Profiles

You will receive a number of profiles that match your needs and which we consider would be a perfect fit for your project.

4. Interview

You'll get to know the developers that caught your eye and make your final decision.

Our engineers work at

  • Jumpcut
  • Luxury Presence
  • Mati
  • Shopmonkey
  • Material

Amazing engineers! After working with many engineers, I can say with confidence that Compire teams one of the best. They are someone that have a very good product mind, will very quickly understand the goal of the project, then will comply with your deadline, while keeping the quality of the code extremely high.

Amaury Soviche

Amaury Soviche

CTO, Mati

The quality of their implementation surprised us; it was much better than the work I'd seen done by other vendors in my experience. Getting it right on the first try saved us a lot of time. They were just as responsive as our own team. We had no issues reaching them through Slack at any time.

Kel Livson

Kel Livson

VP of Content, Jumpcut

Compire sought to understand our product and requirements and never forced a certain implementation on us. For our React project, they sought to extend the team as discussed and participated in team functions such as code review. They proved themselves to be adaptable to the challenge.

Nicholas Tsianos

Nicholas Tsianos

Director of Engineering, Luxury Presence

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