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UX/UI Design

At DISHES, the quality and freshness of the food speaks for itself—we wanted to put that fact front and center on their website. Our team added additional interest to the homepage masthead by employing a strong, unique script font—used throughout the site as a heading font—to introduce the company’s primary call to action: “Find More”.

UI Design

FitSpot needed a website consistent with its cutting-edge technology. Californly created a new website design that better communicates the product applications to FitSpot's target audience. We centered our design for FitSpot on two primary objectives: text content simplification and stunning visuals. Clean white space and bold gray are used throughout the site, with shocks of yellow occasionally featured to grab the eye toward specific calls to action.

Outer Banks Service Directory
UI/UX Design & Development

The old Outer Banks Service Directory website was too clutered and hard to navigate. We took this as a chalange and designed and developed a new website that serves as a resource for homeowners to manage their Outer Banks home from anywhere. The new website was designed in a way to channel visitors to the appropriate area of the website in a timely, intuitive manner.

Ryan Ritchards
UI/UX Design

When Ryan Ritchards reached out to us he was hoping that we could design and engineer a new and improved website so that his users could find the information they were looking for while having a meaningful user experience. We did a market research and provided a new website design that would increase his brand awareness and provide a plesant way for the audience to find more information about his services.

UX/UI Design

Yobe’s technology improve overall sound quality and speech command accuracy for far-field applications and speaker identification platforms dramatically reducing error rats associated with noisy environments. Californly was put in charge to research and deliver a new website for their product.

34 North
UI/UX design

34 North is an innovator in collaborative natural resource management technologies and data solutions. Their unique software platform, OpenNRM, is designed to help their clients turn data into valuable information. They reached out to us to improve their current website and create a new sleek design for their audience.


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